SEO for Perth Businesses


Search engine optimisation – the fundamentals needed to succeed with SEO

Knowing SEO at a deep level is what makes us perfectly suited to help Google recognise your website as best suited to be ranked higher in its search results. The key here is also knowing which search terms are best suited to attracting your potential client or customer and that’s why a fair amount of time is put into keyword and competition research. Understanding that can make all the difference when deciding which keywords to target and optimise your web pages for, leading to better SEO results for the entire website. After that, we conduct a thorough audit of your existing site (if you have one), from site architecture to duplicate content, written content to code quality – all with the objective of uncovering any present/potential problems so we can correct them during the on-page optimisation stage.

On-page Optimisation

On-page optimisation sees us rectifying problems to improve the crawlability of your website by search engine spiders. The focus is on all content on the website (text, images, videos) and the site structure. Though the impact on your rankings is slight from this change alone, it is crucial for any of the other fundamentals to work effectively. Once this is complete, we look at implementing the other two areas in the SEO program – off-page optimisation and content marketing.

On top of on-page optimisation, we can give you advice on how to improve your results in Google through off-page optimisation (link building) and content marketing.

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