Logo Design

Branding is the process of creating a public image that accurately represents your business, that people can understand and grow to recognise as a trusted product or service. Once you have an attractive brand identity, it’s important to uphold it with consistency across all of your advertising and promotional material.

A strong brand begins with a logo that communicates what you do in a simple, elegant fashion.

There are several services we offer in relation to logo development.

Logo Design

Let’s work together to develop a logo that we can both be proud of. Once we’ve met and established a direction, we will come up with a whole bunch of ideas and whittle them down to a handful of the absolute best for you to choose from. Here you can mix and match elements until we have a logo that perfectly represents your business.

Logo Restoration

Even the strongest brands undergo cosmetic changes to stay fresh. If your logo is looking a little dated or no longer represents the core principals of your business, give us a call for our professional analysis. We’ll address the weaknesses and develop an improved logo to put your branding back on track. Getting our initial opinion is free, so give us a call now.

Logo Recreation

Do you already have a logo that you’re happy with, but no longer have a printable version of it? Maybe you’ve lost the original file or it was originally designed in the wrong format? Well don’t worry, the As One team can convert low resolution logos into scalable, high-resolution files that can be used everywhere, from business cards to large signs to Facebook.

Brand Guidelines

You should respect your brand and treat it with the care it deserves; that’s why we create brand guideline (or “style guides”). This document outlines the DOs and DON’Ts of your brand, from colour schemes and minimum logo sizes to spacing and recreation. Keep hold of this document to ensure that the quality of your brand is never compromised.